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Underneath the playground at Clifford Road Primary School there are three WWII tunnel networks waiting to be explored!

They were constructed at the beginning of World War Two (in 1939) and were used to protect the school and local community from bombing and blast damage. Once the war was over, the tunnels were no longer required but remained undisturbed. With very little information about the shelters, their construction or decommission, for many years it was assumed that the tunnels had been filled in, possibly when the playground was resurfaced in 1965. This assumption was wrong!

In 1989, one of the shelters was uncovered and our heritage site was created. Since then, the site has been a valuable part of our local history and definitely worth a visit!

Below shows the plan of the tunnels

Map of the Shelters

School Bookings (during term time):

The shelter tunnels are open to school bookings all year round! We have capacity for schools to stay with us for the day, with an educational room as a learning base, options for school lunches on site and access to the tunnels and/or artefacts for study.

Please contact us for more details and to arrange a pre-visit tour!


There is no parking available at the school/heritage site. Visitors can park close to the school on one of the adjoining roads.


The tunnels can be accessed from the gates on Tennyson Road, at the rear of the main school building.

On entrance, follow the signs to our Hub space where you can purchase your tickets and browse our artefact collection.